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We provide high resolution 3D surface information of physical part
We used Polymesh and point cloud data. Besides , we used industry-leading reverse engineering software GeoMagic

Results Oriented

We will deliver satisfactory results for our customer. Money back guaranteed.
We always consult with every customer before the project started to discuss the best output for the customer. Our skilled engineer will help customer along the way.

3D Manufacturing

From CAD to Physical Object. We give special price to our 3D scan customer to print out the object we scanned.

Have No Limits

Ensure customer satisfaction with the produce part after 3D Scanning
What Else You Got?

   SmartTech 3D Scanner

Synapsis are EXPERTS in 3D Scanning. We have more than 4 years of experience in this field from small physical object till large object such as motorcycle. If you have any question regarding the price or the technology. Feel free to call us +60193644423 .

  • The NUMBER 1¬† in Malaysia
  • We Have The Most Dedicated Support Team for 3D Scan and Print
  • Constant Updates Added With New 3D Scan Technology
  • 3D Scan service will save your company money and time
  • We have the reverse engineering skills to share with you